About Us

Our Approach

The Knowledgeable Designers and Production Crew at Desert Truss can Produce Trusses for any Application , such as the job pictured below.
This is a very large commercial building consisting of 401 trusses with varying designs for, bearing points, special loads for various roof mounted machinery, interior web patterns that remain consistent along the roof system, allowing for the easy installation of air ducts, plumbing and wiring.

Our Story

The Desert Truss Estimators knowledge of trigonometry and the use of Mitek 20/20 design software, create the engineered drawings of your roof system then they are certified by a licensed structural engineer.

Desert Truss will provide you with a detailed layout of your job, this will assists you in the installation process and provide you with the proper information on temporary and permanent bracing. Job site handling and hoisting instructions such as the use of forklifts or a crane, advice on stacking materials, erection tolerances and cautionary notes.